Zone Out To 45 Minutes Of New Music From Dev Hynes

What kind of fool fires Dev Hynes? Apparently someone hired the producer/mastermind to work on a film score and then ended up not using the work. Quintessentially chill and zen human being that he is, Hynes uploaded the compositions to YouTube so we can all hear them. Here’s his brief note on the composition:

I spent the last few months working on a film score, then I got fired. No hard feelings. Here’s some of the music. Listen & zone out if you want. Painting by Alice Lancaster.

The painting is included above. And here’s some notes on what instruments are used: Cello, Piano, Synthesizers, Percussion, Drum Machines, Flute, Bass, Guitar, EWI, Yamaha wx7, Juno 160, DX7, Marantz PMD 720 4-Track.

I’m about 5 minutes in, but so far things are dark and ominous, spiked with discordant strings. Also Dev, please remember that I’m still waiting for you to release “Of The World” whenever you get a chance. For now I’ll settler for streaming this YouTube compilation on loop. After all, what’s more romantic than an abandoned film score? Listen below.

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