XXXTENTACION Claims Drake Stole His Flow On Latest Song

Incarcerated rapper XXXTENTACION says Drake could have called him before stealing his flow.

Did Drake steal his new flow from this up and coming South Florida rapper?

Remember we heard a new Drake song last week during the first show of his European Boy Meets World tour. Drake previewed the song at his show in Amsterdam and the online community has been buzzing with rumors ever since.


One of the main arguments have been about the similarities with South Florida rapper XXXTENTACION’s single “Look At Me” and the 19 year old weighed in on the matter in an interview with XXL. The Broward County Jail inmate went on to say, “He could have reached out to me personally and spoken to me and it definitely would have been more respectable. But he dropped that preview and it sounded a bit like “Look At Me” and he could be a huge, huge help in this situation to get me out of jail, because I’m facing life. So that’s just how I feel.”


The Pompano Beach native is currently behind bars for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend for cheating on him. The girl was found beaten so hard that she was blinded in one eye and also suffered from a broken jaw and fractured nose.


XXXTENTACION and his crew tell a different story though, claiming the girl was jumped and is taking advantage of the situation to get paid. For now, we will have to wait and see what transpires in the young artist’s case but until then here are the two songs below. Listen and tell us if you think Drake is biting his style.


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