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Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign – Talk About It in the Morning

Look, I'll be the first to admit that my general opinion when Ty Dolla $ign came onboard with Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang imprint was: Wiz Khalifa will make Ty Dolla $ign worse. And to be frank, I still generally prefer Ty solo. But there's no denying that the two have some great interpersonal chemistry, and, more importantly, that Ty helps keep Wiz in the pocket where he works best: Kind of stoned and rapping straightforwardly rather than trying the kind of disastrous pop crossovers that make his albums such minefields. When I saw Wiz come out during Ty's set at SXSW, laughing the Wiz Khalifa laugh and smiling ear to ear, it was one of the most satisfying things I witnessed in a week of rap concerts. Argument number two? Look at these sweet GIFs of them I made last year for 4/20:

Anyway, Ty and Wiz just put out a quick collaborative EP called Talk About It in the Morning, a title that's pulled from the first song's excellent hook of "let's just fuck all night / talk about it in the morning." If there is one thing Ty and Wiz stand for, it's conflict resolution. As the amazing Pen and Pixel style cover (take note of the car's license plate!) suggests, this EP is not the deepest thing in the world, and it's definitely more of Wiz's project with Ty providing the vibes than the other way around. Still, it's an easy, relaxed listen and a refreshingly low stakes collaboration between two big deal artists, and one of the more endearingly minimal things I've heard yet from Ty Dolla $ign, in particular. Will you be debating whether this one's a classic come the end of the year? No. Is it the perfect thing to roll up a blunt and listen to this afternoon? Absolutely. Check it out below:

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