Windhand – “Crypt Key” Video

Richmond, Virginia doom-metallers Windhand recently announced plans to follow up their great 2013 album Soma with a new one called Grief’s Infernal Flower. We’ve heard one song, “Two Urns,” and now they’ve shared a video for another one, a deep bluesy trudge called “Crypt Key.” The band members appear in director Jordan Vance’s video, in murky and shadowy form. But most of it is made up of creepy, tripped-out stock footage: Jester toys, church gatherings, a floating purple skull. The real reason to watch the video isn’t anything visual, though. It’s to hear the way Dorthia Cottrell’s voice floats above that swamp of guitars. Check it out below.

Grief’s Infernal Flower is out 9/18 on Relapse.

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