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Who Is Nailz…?!

Who is Nailz!?

All we know so far is that she is an up and coming producer living in LA and has us losing our minds over her “Road to EDC” mix.
Nailz’ new mix artfully bridges the gap between genres, from the groovy bass of KOAN Sound to the dark techno of Mr. Skeleton. She even squeezes in some of the best funky twerk and trap songs of the summer into the mix – and makes it all work beautifully.

So if you’re on the road to EDC or are already there getting your tutus and rave gear on – or even sitting on your couch wishing you could be there – the Nailz “Road to EDC” mix is one you don’t want to miss!! Stay tuned as hopefully we uncover more details about this mysterious lady who killed her first ever mix!

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