Watch Van Halen Make Their First US TV Performance With David Lee Roth On Jimmy Kimmel

David Lee Roth rejoined Van Halen, righting a longstanding historic injustice, in 2007. But somehow, Diamond Dave had not performed on TV with his old band until last night, when they were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With the band performing on the show, Kimmel shut down Hollywood Boulevard and put a huge stage on it, and they probably needed a stage that size to fit Alex Van Halen’s drum kit on there. Judging by the performance they gave, it’s entirely possible that Roth has lost his sense of rhythm completely somewhere through the years. But he’s still one of the great clownish presences in rock history, and he’s so much fun to watch. (He wore a giant nose bandage on the show, which somehow made him look even sketchier. It was great!) On the show, the band trotted out a couple of classics, “Panama” and “Runnin’ With The Devil.” Watch both below.

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