Watch The Manic Street Preachers Make Their U.S. TV Debut On The Late Late Show

Blur weren’t the only ’90s Britpop OGs who had a moment on American late-night TV last night. Actual British person James Corden is the new host of The Late Late Show, so he presumably had something to do with this. Manic Street Preachers were an absolutely huge deal in the mid-’90s UK, but they had never once performed on U.S. TV until last night. Last night, they showed up on Corden’s Late Late Show to howl their way through their rafter-shaking 1996 single “A Design For Life.” You may have never heard that song, but it means a whole lot to a lot of people, and last night’s rendition was a good one. Check it out below.

I went to one day of the 1997 Reading Festival, and the Manics happened to be headlining that day. That meant I got to stand there while tens of thousands of people got to yell along to that song, which I’d never heard. Now you can have the same experience! Except without all the drunk British people singing along.

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