Watch Rihanna Preview Another New Song “American Oxygen” In March Madness Commercial

Rihanna’s as-yet-untitled next album, which Kanye West executive produced, might still be a little while off. (It has no release date, anyway, which I suppose means nothing anymore.) But we’re in the stage where little shards of songs are hitting the internet, in different forms, all the time. Yesterday, she posted pieces of a new song called “Higher” on Instagram. Today, we’re hearing a piece of the new album track “American Oxygen” in a promo for March Madness. (That ad also has Rihanna, in the flesh, singing the song.) And the forthcoming animated movie Home, which features Rihanna’s song “Towards The Sun,” also has a new song called “Dancing In The Dark,” and you can hear a bit of it in a clip from the movie. Check out both below.

We may not know when Rihanna’s album is coming, but Home is in theaters 3/27.

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