Watch Chumped Cover The Crystals’ “He’s A Rebel”

Chumped’s debut full-length, Teenage Retirement, is made up of a series of songs about dealing with the disappointment that comes with not getting exactly what you want. That record blew up because Anika Pyle’s defiant yowls sound a lot like the raw frustration buried in all of us, and regardless of age, Teenage Retirement will remind anyone of what it feels like to be young and insecure and unsure of whether or not things will get better. It’s fitting, then, that Chumped chose to cover the Crystals for the A.V. Club’s Uncovered series, because “He’s A Rebel” is a song about a girl getting exactly what she wants; a guy who’s rough around the edges and only has eyes for her. Watch Chumped perform the song below.

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