Watch Carmada Play “On Fire” With Charli XCX On Triple J

Carmada are an Australian dance duo who are making some noise out in the world with their single “On Fire.” And in a recent live-in-studio session for the Aussie radio station Triple J, Carmada teamed up with Charli XCX to do a live version of it. This was for “Like A Version,” a segment that’s usually dedicated to cover songs. It’s more of a straight-up collaboration, but Charli throws herself completely into the song, and she’s at least a slight upgrade over original vocalist Maribelle. The video below includes both the performance and Charli talking about playing a rave at a London peanut factory when she was 15. Some people’s lives are just more interesting than ours. Check it out:

Carmada’s Realise EP is out now on Audiopaxx.

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