Watch Blur’s Documentary About Their New Album The Magic Whip

Last week, Blur released their reunion album The Magic Whip, and they also played their first New York show in 12 years. The album came about in an unconventional way. The band members had reunited for shows, but they didn’t expect to record anything new. However, a Japanese festival cancelation led to a week in Hong Kong with nothing to do, which in turn led the band to spend some time in the studio, trying out ideas. And in a new half-hour documentary called The Magic Whip: Made In Hong Kong, the band talks about all the fortuitous circumstances that led to the new album and how happy and excited they were to try putting it together. It’s a nice bit of evidence that these guys are really happy to be working together again, and it also includes interesting commentary about the band’s travels in Asia, including Damon Albarn’s trip to North Korea. You can watch the whole thing below.

(via Pitchfork)

The Magic Whip is out now on Warner Bros.

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