Walleater – “Perfect Sin” (First Listen)

Walleater are the North Carolina-based independent label Tiny Engines’ first foreign signing. The band calls Leeds home but brandishes influences that span both continents, recalling forebears of shoegaze and grunge without sounding derivative. This summer, Tiny Engines will release Walleater’s first two EPs as a single compilation titled I/II. We’ve already heard all of I, but the second part of the collection integrates the band’s newest work. II track “Perfect Sin” narrates the same sense of heady romanticism found in their earlier single, “Swallow You,” Rob Dell’s infectious drone slowly dripping from each lyrical line like molasses. Simultaneously somber and sweet, “Perfect Sin” is an experiment in dichotomy. Listen below.

I/II is out this summer via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

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