W.W.A. – “Drill Queen” (Feat. Enrique Dragon)

The Chicago rap supergroup W.W.A. announced themselves with “Straight Outta Chicago,” a timely play on an N.W.A. song and album title that’s been back in the public eye lately. Now Chella H, Katie Got Bandz, Sasha Go Hard, and Lucci Vee are back with their second single via Complex, and it too plays around with the title of a rap song that has dominated 2015, albeit one of more recent vintage. In keeping with its more recent source material, “Drill Queen” dispenses with the old-school gangster rap production of W.W.A.’s first single in favor of a sound that’s distinctly modern and distinctly Chicago. The song is built around an Auto-Tuned hook by Enrique Dragon, who gets a lot more of the focus than any one rapper here, and even though the music is bright and melodic by 2015 Chicago gangster rap standards, it booms with the ominous lurch of the genre it name-checks. The results do not do nearly as much to establish the group’s personality as “Straight Outta Chicago” and its titanic video, but “Drill Queen” works just fine as a second single provided these ladies have more firepower in store later.

W.W.A.’s debut full-length project drops later this month.

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