Twin Peaks – “Got Your Money” (First Listen)

If you’ve been hoping to hear more of Twin Peaks’ ragtag garage pop since devouring last year’s debut, Wild Onion, you’re in luck. The Chicago outfit has a freshly pressed orange vinyl — featuring their awesomely idiosyncratic “In The Morning (In The Evening)” — ready for Record Store Day next weekend. The B-side of that disc, however, features an older, charming Twin Peaks track called “Got Your Money” that saunters along with hooks buried in a stoned, paranoid haze. As the band said, “It is one of the earliest TP songs, essentially a lost number from the Sunken days. It’s a song loosely born around the movie True Romance, but upon its revival was also inspired by current events in our country.” Listen below.

Here’s a look at the orange vinyl:

The In The Morning (In The Evening)/Got Your Money 7″ is out 4/18 on Record Store Day.

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