Tree Blood – “I Want You To Cry” (First Listen)

Tree Blood hail from Minneapolis, a city long revered as the humble home of some of the most influential underground music scenes in the U.S. These days, Minneapolis is increasingly affiliated with emergent alternative rap, but there’s still a distinct, historically reverent rock movement curated in part by the small but authoritative label Forged Artifacts. Tree Blood are a three-piece who make the kind of declarative noise-punk that wouldn’t sound out of place if it were to enter a wormhole and land itself in the mid-’80s. “I Want You To Cry” is the debut single off of their forthcoming debut LP, I Am A Disgusting Pig, and it follows the band’s three companion EP’s First, Second, and Third, which were all released in 2014. Tree Blood recorded each side of the full-length directly onto tape, live in their practice space, which makes a whole lot of sense when you listen to “I Want You To Cry” — it has the same spontaneous propulsion of a live show without any of the fussy revisions that tend to flatten this particular brand of tumultuous noise. Listen below.

I Am A Disgusting Pig is out 4/7 via Forged Artifacts.

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