Transviolet – “Girls Your Age (Twin Shadow Remix)”

LA transplants Transviolet have only released one song, but they are quickly rising. In less than a month, their “Girls Your Age” has over 130k listens on SoundCloud. Katy Perry even tweeted about the track as her song of the day. Transviolet told Noisey, “Coming of age is violent. It’s beautiful and it’s terrifying. It pulls you into this whirlwind of self discovery. You are trying to figure out what you want, and who you are, and simultaneously the world is crashing into you. Just find what you love, and be brave enough to chase it.”

Twin Shadow’s remix of “Girls Your Age” speeds up the track with an urgency that mirrors the chaos of coming of age as Transviolent described. It gets a funkier beat with dramatic transitions by pressing piano keys, plucking violin strings and adding rough guitar riffs. He creates a new dynamic that balances the hard and soft in an edgier way. Listen to Twin Shadow’s mix and the original below.

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