Towkio, Lido & Chance The Rapper Take Us To Church With “Heaven Only Knows”

What. A. Record. I mean look at that lineup, Towkio, Chance The Rapper, Lido and Eryn Allen Kane! This tune lifted my spirits higher than ever and I’m not even a big hip hop guy. I do know however, that Chance The Rapper has been making quite a name for himself within the dance music world. I love when genres and different worlds can cross like that, it always creates some amazing music. How about Lido though? Just dropped an EP with Canblaster and now this? Lido really does got songs. Check this one out, I got it on repeat fam!

Also, be on the look out for Towkio’s tape, “.Wav Theory” *eyes emoji*

Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)

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