Tom Petty – “Somewhere Under Heaven”

One of the great things about rock stars growing old is they begin to buy into their own mythologies. This spurs them to release things like Tom Petty’s new collection, Wildflowers – All The Rest: a bunch of songs he wrote from 1992-1994 that didn’t quite make it onto Wildflowers proper. Since that’s my second-favorite Tom Petty solo album (nothing touches Full Moon Fever), I was more than happy to hear the unreleased material. Our first taste is called “Somewhere Under Heaven,” an uptempo track with a gorgeous, quick-picked melody that Petty said he completely forgot writing or recording. It certainly does have that light, latent mid-’90s airiness to it and sounds similar to “Wildflowers” itself. The song was co-written by Mike Campbell and is the first unearthed song to appear off the album. Apparently, Petty and Wildflowers producer Rick Rubin intended the album to be a double-disc release. Now it will be. Where else will “Somewhere Under Heaven” be? Soundtracking the end credits of the Entourage movie, of course. Listen below.

Because we live during the great content wars of 2015, there’s also a trailer feature a snippet of the song that you can watch. You’ll probably enjoy it if you like things like the Entourage movie.

There doesn’t seem to be an official release date for the album yet, but we’ll update when there is.

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