Time Wharp – “Market Solution” (First Listen)

Time Wharp is the project of Patrick Loggins, an Atlanta-raised, New York-based electronic producer who’s spent half of the last decade crafting featherweight, jazz-indebted house music in the realm of emotive producers like Baths. After a series of EPs — several of which were released through Obey City’s Astro Nautico label — the first official album from Time Wharp is coming next week.

The first single from the self-titled project was “Cole Dub,” a writhing, playful groove that feeds on inescapable hi-hats, clipped organ, and a dizzying saxophone solo. Today, we’re sharing the second, “Market Solution,” a stormy, brooding track streaked with synths that flare like shooting stars and wink back out into darkness. Over the course of almost seven minutes the song thickens and shrinks from stippled cymbals and staccato beats into tumbling, technicolor ambience. If there’s any formula at work here, it’s one that never yields the same solution, intuitively evolving through the economics of click-and-snap beats. Listen.

Here’s the full tracklist for Time Wharp:

01 “Pneumatic For The People”
02 “Works”
03 “Market Solution”
04 “Median”
05 “Cole Dub”
06 “Rag”
07 “Castle”
08 “Tophat”

Time Wharp is out 6/9 via Astro Nautico.

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