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Thero Gives The Chainsmoker’s “Let You Go” A Tropical Spin

Somebody please get this kid on the summer festival circuit now. At the very least, let’s get him booked for the biggest summer pool parties and club openings, because he’s relentless with these high quality releases. Thero has returned after merely two weeks since his “Problems Problems” remix, and his latest creation is a stunner.

The Chainsmokers have been given a lesson in “Smooth and Groove” 101, and it seems they like it a lot, because they’ve given Thero support for this beautiful “Let You Go” remix. How couldn’t they though? You’ve got a crisp percussion base, simple guitar and bass riffs, and clean tropical elements to round things out, making this remix a prime example of how versatile this young NYC-based producer can be. Add it to your library via the free download, and be on the lookout for more, because we’re sure he’s gonna hit us again with another chart topper!

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