The Very Best – “Let Go” Video

The Very Best, the duo of Malawian singer Esau Mwamwaya and Swedish producer Johan Hugo, have a new album called Makes A King coming out next month. Their new video for “Let Go,” which features Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio on bass, follows the clip for “Hear Me” that they released last year. In the new video, Mwamwaya and Hugo become characters in an old-school NES video game. We see them bouncing across African and Scandinavian landscapes, avoiding crocodiles and polar bears alike. The pixel beat artist Pappas Parlor directed the animated video, and you can watch it and read a statement from the duo below.

The Very Best write:

Our friend Pappas Parlor is an amazing pixel bead artist from Sweden, We talked to him about doing an old school 8-Bit game type video with all the characters and landscape being made out of pixel beads and giving the impression of stop motion filming. The idea to have one level in Malawi where we run from street dogs and fight off Monsantos GMO monster maize plants, and one level in Sweden where we run from a fox and our enemies are the far right-wing political party. The whole thing was a collaboration between Pappas Parlor and The Very Best, we tried to come up with funny things that could happen in the video as well as addressing some of our more serious concerns. We also made characters of Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend) and Freddie Cowan (The Vaccines) so they could have a little cameo at the end. It took just over a month to make the video.

Makes A King is out 4/7 on Moshi Moshi.

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