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The Various Musical Faces of Jerry Folk

If you’re a lover of old-school disco beats, groovy deep house, or vintage-touched anything, you need to meet Jerry Folk. The 19-year-old Norwegian producer surfaced not too long ago with a barrage of catchy-as-hell remixes that continue to be on repeat months later. Since I’ve been watching Mr. Folk for a while, I’ve been able to go along the spiral path of creative remixes he has shown the world. So, we’re going to take you on a journey through Jerry Folk’s remix catalog.

“Day Dreamin’” is currently Jerry Folk’s second oldest tune, and it may be one of his strongest. Supported by the likes of Kygo and Lindstrøm, it’s a summer-soaked tune lead by a bright xylophone lead that just shakes up all the butterflies in your stomach.

Arguably his most popular remix to date, Jerry Folk gives us a beautiful example of his prowess in the field of nu-disco with his remix of “365 Days” by ZZ Ward. A slick bass guitar accompanied by trickling synths, Jerry Folk’s “365 Days” remix is the perfect synthesis of pop and disco.

One of Jerry Folk’s first R&B-centric remixes, he took on Mario’s “I Don’t Want To Know” to arise his darker musical demons. The synths are bleaker, the chime strikes are haunting, and the bassline is eerie but in the best way possible.

A trip back down memory lane, Jerry Folk’s rendition of Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga” throws down on the guitar riff and splashes a Samuel L. Jackson quote on for some spice. It’s a jam – plain and simple.

Folk’s remix of Oh Wonder’s “Lose It” may be the most indicative venture of his signature style he’s done to date. It’s indie, it’s disco, it’s deep, and it’s creative beyond belief. Garnering immense support immediately upon release and earning Folk his second Hype Machine #1, this is exactly the tune to describe Jerry Folk’s versatile abilities in the studio.

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