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The Rooftop Boys’ Remix Of The Griswolds Should Be On Your Weekend Playlist

We’ve almost hit the middle of summer. It’s such a bittersweet moment, but the bitter part is because the outdoor party time is limited. Luckily, The Rooftop Boys are living in the moment and continue to provide the ultimate sun-soaked remixes, especially with their most recent of The Griswolds’ “If You Wanna Stay.”

The Australian band’s vocals carry a natural, laid-back vibe that The Rooftop Boys see as an opportunity to make the perfect party tune. With their “If You Wanna Stay,” The Rooftop Boys let the vocals carry the track at first before making a quick switch into a groove-lined, glistening lead where they once again find a balanced flavor of tropical house and future houses. The remix can be streamed below, and will be out soon on Windup Records.


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