The Mantles – “Doorframe” (First Listen)

The Mantles have a breezy retro sound: a bit of Woods’ psychedelic inclination, a pinch of Real Estate jangly/languid guitars, a subdued trace of new wave a la Modern English. Papercuts’ Jason Quever produced the Bay Area band’s latest record, All Odds End, and his vintage mastery is a perfect fit for the Mantles’ sound. Lead single “Doorframe” is fairly high-energy despite the apathetic tone in Michael Olivares’ voice; maybe Carly Putnam’s major-key synth melody is what keeps the song feeling bright and upbeat. It seems to be about being suspended in a cycle of doing absolutely nothing — hence the repeated lyric “Nothing like standing in a doorframe all day” — but music this beautiful is far from a waste of time. Listen below.


01 “Island”
02 “Lay It Down”
03 “Police My Love”
04 “Hate To See You Go”
05 “Lately”
06 “Door Frame”
07 “Time To Come Away”
08 “Undelivered”
09 “Best Sides”
10 “Stay”

All Odds End is out 10/16 via Slumberland Records. Pre-order it from iTunes or the label.

[Photo by David Armstrong.]

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