The Glitch Mob Releases “Better Hide, Better Run” Ft. Mark Johns; EP Coming Next Tuesday

Super-duper extraterrestrial group The Glitch Mob have kept quiet on a new EP they were working on, but they finally announced it today. The 3 track EP is called Piece of the Indestructible and will be released on June 9th. The outrageously raw trio are also currently on tour; we made a post about their sickass live set called The Blade. They are even set to play at the X Games in Austin, alongside other headliners Metallica, Nicki Minaj and Kid Ink. The first single off the EP, called Better Hide, Better Run (ft. Mark Johns), can now be streamed on YouTube and Spotify. You can also pre-order the EP here and you’ll instantly get the first single. I’ll be honest, this is the first I’ve really focused on The Glitch Mob, but everything about their music has been so impressive. I can hear how clean and tight everything sounds. The raw and aggressive electronic music makes me feel completely different than what I normally listen to; this is extremely fun. I’ve wondered how in the fuck did they make those sounds? They’re really insanely awesome and I’m so excited to be seeing them in Dallas this weekend.

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