The Dead Weather – “Cop And Go”

Last week I went to a listening party where they confiscated our phones and let us listen to the entire new the Dead Weather album Dodge And Burn, and honestly? It was awesome. Sure, straight-up rock and roll isn’t the cool genre to associate yourself with anymore, but Jack White, Alison Mosshart and co. give zero fucks about that and continue to make the same kind of punishing, black-hearted rock they’ve always made. If it ain’t broke, etc. etc.

So far they’ve shared album opener “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” along with a bunch of previously released tracks, and today they put “Cop And Go” out into the universe via Tidal and the Third Man Records vault. So if you have either of those exclusive credentials, you can hear it now. Otherwise, we’ll update with a public stream if it becomes available.

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