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The Cribs – “Different Angle” (Stereogum Premiere)

You tend to hear about homegrown, all-sibling bands like the Cribs beginning in earnest as teens, blasting alt and punk covers through cheap instruments. The Jarman brothers started even earlier, pantomiming Bee Gees and Queen songs on the radio before they even hit 13. It’s a stretch to say that those influences are audible on “Different Angle,” the latest single from the band’s upcoming LP, For All My Sisters. But when writing guitar rock this hook-heavy and contagious, an appreciation for classic pop certainly helps, and the Jarmans have it. The song’s killer opening is an avalanche of squeaky guitar pecks and oohs that sets the tone for the powerful three minutes that follow. “Different Angle” also boasts a really great shout-along chorus that even tops previous single “Burning For No One” in terms of skyscraping heights. Listen below.

For All My Sisters is out 3/23 in the UK via Sonic Blew and 3/24 in North America via Arts & Crafts.

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