The Chemical Brothers – “Go” (Feat. Q-Tip) Video (Dir. Michel Gondry)

The Chemical Brothers teamed with Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind/Dave Chappelle’s Block Party director Michel Gondry, one of the true visionaries in the field of music videos, on the visuals for 1999’s “Let Forever Be” and 2001’s “Star Guitar.” A decade and a half later, the Chems have tapped Gondry again to helm the video for their Q-Tip collab “Go.” The song itself matches burbling LCD Soundsystem-style verses with a chorus that shares a chord progression with Kanye West’s “Stronger” (and, by extension, Daft Punk’s “Better Harder Faster Stronger”). Gondry’s contribution involves a team of women in strange uniforms performing some sort of color guard routine with a couple of metallic poles. It’s our second preview of Born In The Echoes after “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted,” and you can watch it below.

Born In The Echoes is out 7/17 on Astralwerks. Pre-order it here.

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