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Taylor Wise Gives The 1975’s Hit, “Chocolate,” A Summer Makeover

When tropical house emerged in 2014, championed by the likes of Kygo and Thomas Jack, few people thought that it would have such a strong impact on dance music. While everyone holds their own opinions on whether or not tropical house is deserving of the spotlight, the sub-genre has led to the rise of newer, more niche sounds like melodic house, and has challenged emerging producers to combine tropical elements with genres like indie. Enter Taylor Wise, a New York newcomer with a seriously stellar brand of feel-good house that’s perfect for the summertime, and he’s just released his remix of the indie hit, “Chocolate,” by the 1975.

Sun-soaked melodies are paired with uplifting guitar chords to give The 1975’s vocalist, Matt Healy, a summer-ready personality. This remix just screams good vibes, and it’ll have to singing along before you know it. Taylor Wise’s remix of “Chocolate” is available as a free download, so there’s no reason not to have this in your playlist for the summer.


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