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TÂCHES Wants You To “Eat Your Friends” In His Newest Single

We’ve gotten the identity of ZHU, and rumors about the identity of marshmello have flooded the blogosphere, but TÂCHES has managed to remain under the radar while consistently putting out stunning deep house releases. His trademark deep house style has a little bit of an edge to it, almost as if listening to his music is a vice and you’re not supposed to be doing it. Today, TÂCHES has re-surfaced to show off his stunning deep house number, “Eat Your Friends,” with the immensely talented Shoffy.

Raspy chord progressions tip-toe around subtle woodwind arrangements and infectiously catchy hi-hats, while Shoffy provides an expertly-crafted top line that brings the whole track together. The pensive lyrics of Shoffy and brooding vibes that have become a signature on TÂCHES’ music come together to make “Eat Your Friends” a deep house jam that will have you finding the meaning of life. “Eat Your Friends” is available as a free download, so get it here.


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