Swim Deep Drop Their Kaleidoscopic Video for “To My Brother”

Woah. Who are these guys and what have you done with Swim Deep? When the Birmingham-based band first sloped onto the scene a couple years back they looked like the sloppy skater boys in Clueless that sauntered through the frame to Bowie's "All the Young Dudes"—a.k.a. they look like the kind of slightly smelly guys I was crushing on in 1994.

Now look at them: scrubbing up and looking a bit Beetlejuice and a little Tom Waits-ian circa, Dr Parnassus. Below is the video for their new single "To My Brother," which is the first single lifted from their forthcoming Chess Club / RCA-released sophomore album. Directed by Irrum the video is, for a moment, like watching a 3D movie without your 3D glasses on; singer Austin remains enigmatically in silhouette.

The director had this to say about the video concept: "The band said that they felt like they were ready to shave their heads and go to war with this new record, and they wanted a video that represented that feeling. It felt like the perfect opportunity to reimagine a completely new world, rather than a representation of psychedelia we have seen before. I came up a concept that solely focused on an evolution of color; a giant spinning wheel that diffused colour to birds, botanics, and statues of the band themselves. It felt important that the objects populating the video were real, so however surreal it appeared it felt tangible and vivid."

Musically Swim Deep continue to combine indie guitars and electronics for a psych-pop, Happy Mondays-styled baggy-swagger and this tune is MASSIVE.


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