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Stream Zu’s Dizzying New LP ‘Cortar Todo’ in Full

Here is a new album from Zu, some weird as fuck Italian noise-metal that fit somewhere between Sleep / High on Fire, the sludgier moments of Iron Lung, and Japanese tripcore heroes Paintbox, all swimming through moments of noise, ambience, and saxophones. Sometimes it builds to minimalism, sometimes it builds to chaos, and sometime it leads to traditional song structures. This album takes you on a wild disorienting journey, leaving you jumbled but not necessarily disjointed on the other side.

Cortar Todo was recorded in the countryside outside of Bologna, Italy, and is out March 24 on Ipecac Recordings (dälek, Fantômas, Sleaford Mods, The Locust, etc.). It is the band’s fifteenth album in as many years. Known for their prolific musical experimentation, ZU has played over a thousand shows in their career, and has collaborated with artists including The Melvins, Mike Patton and Thurston Moore. If you are interested in having your mind stretched to far out and confusing places, listen to this.

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