Stream The Good Life Everybody’s Coming Down (First Listen)

A common critique of a musician’s collection is “All of their songs sound the same.” This absolutely can’t apply to the new Good Life album, Everybody’s Coming Down Out, their first release in nearly a decade. Cursive leader Tim Kasher’s side-project-turned-actual-project doesn’t swear by one style; instrumental synth track “Happy Hour” pushes the Good Life somewhere near jam-band territory, while “Ad Nausea” experiments with math-rock tempos and tendencies. Kasher’s lyrics are playful but analytical — “Holy shit that we even exist!” — as well as self-deprecating, often delivered in melodies that mimic the guitar riffs. Some say the Good Life sound like Superchunk and Weezer, while the band cites the likes of Tom Waits and Can as influences. They even pull some of the same strings that make me love weirdo punk-rap-folk group WHY? So, yeah, every song can’t possibly sound the same, and Everybody’s Coming Down is all the better for it. Stream the whole album below.

Anyone who pre-orders the album before this Friday, 8/14 is entered to win one of these prizes:

ONE GOLDEN TICKET: One proud winner will receive their very own exclusive song from The Good Life, written and recorded in their tour van this Fall.

TWO SILVER TICKETS: Two lucky winners will each receive a pair of tickets to any show on The Good Life’s 2015 tour.

TEN BRONZE TICKETS: Ten pretty fancy winners will receive a handwritten postcard from The Good Life, penned and mailed by the band while out on the road.

Everybody’s Coming Down is out 8/14 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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