Stream Tenement’s New Surprise EP

Panda Bear’s not the only one to release a new surprise EP today. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin punk trio Tenement released Predatory Highlights, an excellent and wide-ranging double album that’s really snuck up on me in the past few months. Tenement are a DIY punk band with a real gift for hooks and an adventurous spirit, which makes them a real treasure. And so it’s a pleasure to report that they’ve just followed up Predatory Highlights with a new five-song EP that just magically appeared on Bandcamp. After spending several years on Predatory Highlights, they recorded the new EP over just four days in February. (It was already out as a cassette, but come on. You didn’t know about that, and neither did I.) The songs on it range from whiplash math-punk to sweet, strummy power-pop. Listen to it below.

Buy the Tenement EP at Bandcamp, and while you’re there, take the rest of the afternoon to check out Predatory Highlights.

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