Stream Nicolas Jaar Nymphs II EP

Yesterday experimental producer and former Darkside member Nicolas Jaar uploaded his Nymphs II EP to YouTube without much fanfare. The American-Chilean musician recently used the video platform to share his original soundtrack for the 1969 film The Color Of Pomegranates. As for the Nymphs II EP, it looks like it’s composed of two tracks: “The Three Sides Of Audrey” as side A and “No One Is Looking At U” (Feat. Lorraine) as side B. The Lorraine in question is most likely Lorraine Nicholson, Jack Nicholson’s daughter who has worked on music with Dave Harrington (the other half of Darkside) before, and is at least good enough friends with Jaar to take a selfie with him. This is his first solo release in four years, but Jaar also noted that the EP was recorded in in New York City between 2011 and 2015, so it’s been in the works since before Darkside was even a band. In addition to the YouTube stream below, you can also hear and buy the EP at Jaar’s Other People label imprint.

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