Stream Morly In Defense Of My Muse EP (First Listen)

Minnesota producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Katy Morley, who drops the “e” in her last name and records as Morly, has been featured in Ryan Hemsworth’s great Secret Songs series. This makes total sense: Morly’s music doesn’t always sound like his, but she inhabits the same sonic world where people like Hemsworth and Ricky Eat Acid thrive, a world in which the distinctions between ambient electronica and beat music and lo-fi DIY pop simply don’t exist. Morley’s songs are delicate creations, memory-faded snapshots built out of dusty, soulful piano melodies, sparse electronics, and layered wordless vocals — “Drone Poem (In Defense of My Muse),” the parenthetical title track off of her debut EP In Defense Of My Muse, is the only one of the bunch with actual sung lyrics. Like its minimalist cover art, the whole affair feels threadbare but warm, like something that you would accidentally stumble upon tucked away in the corner of an attic somewhere and then cherish forever. Stream the entire four-track set below.


In Defense Of My Muse is out 8/14 via Cascine. You can pre-order it here.

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