Stream Krallice’s Surprise New Album Ygg Huur

Just two days ago, Black Market bro Doug Moore and I were chatting about Krallice — he’d seen them at Brooklyn’s Acheron a night earlier, where they’d played some new songs. Said Doug: “The new Krallice material is fucking awesome and real different from their older stuff…they floored me.” I totally believe it. Krallice are one of the best live bands in the world, and it’s been way too long since they’ve given us new music. Their last was 2012’s Years Past Matter; that was their fourth LP, and at that point, Krallice were basically delivering an album a year. So a three-year absence is significant. But today, out of goddamn nowhere, they drop their fifth album via Bandcamp. It’s called Ygg Huur, and you can stream it below. If you don’t know Krallice, you should get to know them: They play hyper-technical, brutal, beautiful, hypnotic, almost avant-garde death/black metal that has no peers. Krallice destroy everything. I’m so excited that this thing burst into the world today, and now, I’m gonna stop writing and listen. You should stop whatever it is you’re doing and join me.

Ygg Huur is out now via Krallice.

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