Stream Gold Class It’s You (First Listen)

On their debut album It’s You, Australia’s Gold Class plays like a brilliant post-punk compendium — the jagged yet chiming guitars of Jawbox and Fugazi, the lockstep rhythm section and dreary climes of Gang Of Four and Joy Division, a quavering bellow that bridges the gap between Morrissey and Glenn Danzig. You could throw dozens more references out and most of them would fit; these guys seem to have swallowed up an entire genre’s worth of history and ended up titans of the form.

For all the precedents, though, It’s You feels strikingly in the moment. This is dark music, but with a spark of life, somehow shrugging and sprinting at the same time. Gold Class have a killer record collection; more importantly, they have a distinct point of view. We’ve shared the video for frenetic advance single “Life As A Gun,” and this morning we present the album in full. It’s You is well worth your while.

It’s You is out digitally 9/4 on Felte in Europe and the US and Spunk Records in Australia. Pre-order it here, and look out for the physical release later this year.

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