Stream Eskimeaux O.K.

Eskimeaux is Gabrielle Smith, a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who plays in Frankie Cosmos’ band and who is part of an artists’ collective called Epoch. Based on the above information, you’d probably expect her songs to be tape-hiss lullabies, but that’s a few light years removed from where her sound is. On her new album O.K., Smith has perfected a kind of bell-clear, emotionally forthright DIY pop. There’s a guileless homespun quality to her songs, and they feel intimate and real. But there’s also a sense of craft and cleanliness to it. She messes around with synths and guitars alike, and her songs feel big and resonant enough to go far beyond the little musical community she calls home. In recent weeks, we’ve posted her songs “Broken Necks,” “I Admit I’m Scared,” and “Sparrow,” and now you can stream the whole album at The New York Times.

O.K. is out 5/12 via Double Double Whammy.

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