Stream Dr. Yen Lo Days With Dr. Yen Lo

The Brooklyn rapper Ka likes to do things on his own. Most of the time, he raps and produces everything on his records by himself. He releases those records on his own label, and sometimes he sells them hand-to-hand outside record stores. He directs and edits his own videos. And his meditative, incantory take on wordy, insular New York rap is his and his alone. Roc Marciano, probably his closest peer, is practically Nelly in comparison. But now Ka has finally agreed to team up with someone else. With the producer Preservation, he’s half of the duo Dr. Yen Lo, their name inspired by the original cinematic paranoia classic The Manchurian Candidate. And together, they released their new album Days With Dr. Yen Lo last week. If anything, it’s even more monastic and spartan than Ka’s usual music; this time, he’s not even rapping over drum sounds. We’ve posted the videos for “Day 0” and “Day 3,” and now you can stream the whole album below, via Spotify.

Days With Dr. Yen Lo is out now on Pavlov Institute Records.

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