Stream Craig Wedren’s Expanded Soundtrack To Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp

Craig Wedren is the mastermind behind the ingeniously great music in Wet Hot American Summer and its recently released Netflix prequel, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp. It’s is one of the rare nostalgia-inspired reboots that actually works, which I found out last month after watching it all in one afternoon the weekend it came out. The miniseries — which involves a musical this time around and, of course, crams in as many ’80s-specific references as it humanly can — needed an appropriate soundtrack to fill its four hours, so Wedren and composer Jefferson Friedman went to work on creating the music for it.

The score for much of the miniseries has been online since its release, but Wedren has uploaded some new tracks from that and the original movie to coincide the The A.V. Club’s new in-depth interview that ran today, where he talks about specific music choices throughout. Soundtrack cuts include one Pretenders-mimicking track that features Garbage’s Shirley Manson on vocals, another from Wedren’s own band Baby, and a ton from the musical that takes up a good chunk of First Day Of Camp’s runtime. And, of course, there’s the reuse of the great anthem “Higher And Higher” that was originally written for the movie. Listen to the whole soundtrack below.

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