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Preeminent goth-rocker Chelsea Wolfe’s fifth album, Abyss, officially comes out next week but, as these things now go, it’s streaming early via NPR. This is the first record that Wolfe really commits to the whole metal thing she’s been flirting with throughout her career — the first thee songs on the album are heavy as hell, and she got help from Russian Circle’s Mike Sullivan and True Widow’s D.H. Phillips to bring it all together. The rest of the album sees her meandering between gloomy singer-songwriter stuff and some of the rougher R&B-inspired compositions that have marked her previous albums. So far, we’ve heard four tracks from Abyss — “Carrion Flowers,” “Iron Moon,” “After The Fall,” and “Grey Days” — and now you can hear the whole thing below.

Abyss is out 8/7 via Sargent House.

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