Stream Ben Khan 1000 EP

London synth-smith Ben Khan makes some of the funkiest electro grooves out there right now. When his 1992 EP dropped almost exactly a year ago, his updated brand of funk was slightly ahead of the ongoing funk revival that includes K Dot, Mark Ronson, Kandace Springs, and Thurz. Khan’s latest offering, the 1000 EP, is in the same vein as the previous one, with even more stank wafting off of it. It’s just synths on synths on synths laced with smooth, funky lines and flourishes. Khan’s voice is so damn soulful too. If you’re not moving to this, you may need to check to your pulse. Clear some space wherever you are and stream the four-song offering below.

The 1000 EP is out 5/11 on Dirty Hit. Preorder is available on iTunes.

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