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Stream Acid Witch’s Cover of the Horror Soundtrack Favorite “I’m Back”

Acid Witch play a slower, meaner version of Electric Wizard-esque doom with strong horror influences, and fittingly hail from Detroit, a town who’s economic future is just as ghoulish as the band’s imagery. Timed with an upcoming European tour, Acid Witch has a new 12” mini-LP titled Midnight Movies, and just when you thought the Halloween themes couldn’t get any deeper for Acid Witch, all of the tracks on this release are covers of heavy metal songs from 80’s horror films. Sprinkled with samples from the films, the covers include songs from Rocktober Blood, Trick or Treat, Black Roses, and The Return of the Living Dead. This is for all the nerds, weed-smokers, head-bangers and basement-dwellers out there. I dare you not to raise your metal horns. Stream a cover Sorcery's "I'm Back" below and order yours. 

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