Spoon – “TV Set” (The Cramps Cover)

The Cramps slithering, bloodthirsty, unhinged rockabilly is one of the great secret influences in rock music. Just about any band who knows how to ooze or throb picked up a few tricks from Lux Interior and Poison Ivy. Spoon definitely know how to ooze and throb, and it’s striking to hear just how easily they can step into the Cramps’ shoes. As a new one-off, Spoon have recorded a cover of “TV Set,” a song from the Cramps’ 1980 album Bad Music For Bad People. They just sink their teeth into the song, cleaning it up but keeping its intensity and its drive intact. And Britt Daniel’s take on Lux Interior’s menacing hiccup is truly impressive. Below, listen to the Spoon version of the song and the Cramps original.

Spoon’s version of the song is out now at iTunes.

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