Soulja Boy Accusing Chris Brown Of Holding Off Fight

Is this fight ever going to happen?


Soulja Boy is not really the type to keep quiet. Recently, he’s been taking issue with Chris Brown. Thus, we were treated to a completely crazy exchanges and to a fit worthy of a Hollywood movie, a boxing fight.


A real fight? This is the dream of a whole generation of fans and Internet users thirsty for buzz, blood and sweat. The whole thing took a rather crazy turn, with a fight scheduled for the month of March in the city of Las Vegas and legendary boxers have come to support the rappers and coach them. Floyd Mayweather, aka “Money May” had decided to support Soulja, while the legend Mike Tyson was riding to take sides for our dear Brown.
In the end, we find ourselves without a fixed schedule to take the bets. The interpreter of “Crank That” did nothing better than to turn his coach. A Mayweather with whom “things were not progressing fast enough” according to him … Today new revelation in the famous case. Far from any pair of boxing gloves or the smell of a ring, SouljaBoy has lit his rival on … Twitter! Breezy obviously took it for his rank. Accused of being a coward, the latter would not want to sign the contract allowing the event to take place.


Is Soulja Boy really trying to instill fear in anyone or is this just a plot to promote his next mixtape?


Check out Soulja’s Twitter rant below.


Mike Hawk
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