Slonk Donkerson – “Build Something, Break Even” (First Listen)

Slonk Donkerson is quite possibly the best worst band name I’ve ever heard. The trio have been moseying around the Brooklyn music scene for the past five years, the last three of them spent in the same apartment writing The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club And Their Respective Destinies. Our first taste of what’s to come from this lengthily-titled album is “Build Something / Break Even,” wherein vocalist Dylan Vandenhoeck powerfully assures us over and over again that “You gotta build somethin’ to break even,” clearly at least slightly influenced by the Replacements. The song was extensively re-written and re-arranged for last minute inclusion on the new record, and for good reason. It does good things to my ears. Listen.

The Lunar Martini Motorbike Club And Their Respective Destinies is out 9/25 on Black Bell Records/Gigawatts Records.

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