Skylar Spence – “Can’t You See (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)”

I’m assuming Skylar Spence aka Ryan DeRobertis had to change his performing name from SAINT PEPSI because he’s gotten big enough to threaten the soft drink enterprise. Listen to Prom King once through and tell me that theory doesn’t seem feasible. Spence’s “Can’t You See” previously landed in our best songs of the week column because it plays out like a disco-pop opera or 2015’s take on Mamma Mia!

His first single “Fiona Coyne” was equally infectious, and both of these were driven by a quickness and pop alacrity that made you want to vault over tall buildings. Enter slowcore sparkle producer and internet patron saint Ryan Hemsworth, the only remixer I would trust to alter a single iota of a Ryan DeRobertis song. He tapered “Can’t You See” from hyperspeed to a slowdance-level groove, swapping the high-octane synths for deep bass grooves and a wash of smeared harmonies. Normally remixes don’t to much for me, but this one is great because it changes the whole momentum of the song without erasing its euphoria. Listen.

Here are Spence’s upcoming tour dates:

Prom King is out 9/18 via Carpark Records.

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