Skepta – “Shutdown” Video

The UK’s grime scene has been enjoying a resurgence over the past year or so, and the London rapper Skepta is a huge part of the reason why. His “That’s Not Me” is a big crossover hit at home, he’s spent time in the studio with Kanye West, and, most recently, his new single “Shutdown” is a total monster. The new low-budget “Shutdown” video is just Skepta and his goons posing in courtyards and rooftops. It’s not too different from what you’d see in most low-budget American rap videos. But there are a ton of little signifiers letting you know that this is a UK thing, and those little things make it interesting. Grace LaDoja directed the video, and you can check it out below.

(via Miss Info)

“Shutdown” is out now at iTunes, and I wrote a lot more about Skepta here.

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