Sitcom – “Ginger Ale” (First Listen)

Baltimore’s Jake Lazovick has been putting out music for a few years now, usually under his own name, sometimes with his band Foozle, and more recently as Sitcom. In January, he released Drum Set, a collection of understated electronic-tinged pop songs. For his next album, What’s Up, he’s turning back towards the homespun rock that he got started on: “Ginger Ale” kicks off with a thumping drum, and carries itself on a mechanical rhythm, with a few welcoming experimental flourishes along the way. He starts with a story about how a girl once told him at a party that his long hair made him look like a mad scientist; that’s paid off nicely in the chorus a few minutes later with “maybe I should cut my hair.” Lazovick acutely captures the anxieties of being out, or being with someone else, and later being alone with your own thoughts — both are just as loud and overwhelming. And his voice supports this, a deep and heavy thing, one that’s maybe a little off-putting at first but grows to become a comfort. Listen below.

What’s Up is out 6/6 on Apollonian Sound

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